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The waves

As the Wind Blows

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

09 December 2004

JuG Suraiya, the well known columnist of Times of India is not exactly my favorite columnist - notwithstanding his celebrity status :-) But when I read this particular piece, I thought he talked something really sensible. Sometimes when I look some of my old writings - some odd reflections I had put down in black and white, I used to think by and large the core of myself hasn't changed much - though some peripheral changes obviously have taken place - in terms of perspectives or in terms of tastes. Not to forget the physical appearance - which has become totally unrecognizable from the Sepia Tone photographs of late sixties and, even eighties! But some how as Juggy (!) points out, the core of our self image remains the same!

01 December 2004

No doubt America is interesting. It has been over a fortnight since I arrived here at Sunnyvale, Sanfransisco - to be with my sons for 6 weeks.

First few days were too heady - just keeping afloat to adjust to the new environment. No doubt a beautiful place - blessed by Nature with abundance of resources. And perhaps the early settlers have set in good standards for the future generations to observe and maintain. This was the thought that struck me all along my three day tour to LA via the coastal route during the recent holidays for Thanksgiving.

Breathtaking is cliche`. But I don't have alternative word to describe the vast expanse of Pacific ocean, the sun light falling subtly on the mountain curves. The mountains on the coast actually look like sand dunes when seen froma distance. with the weather at right temp; ( the winds were rough on return though - and so was the traffic jam on freeways making freeways meaningless ! :-) the trip was absolutely wonderful.

Particularly any of you travelling through the coastal route on the west, don't entertain any thought of not stopping over for the numerous "Vista points" peppered throughout the route. Particularly the one over looking the vast pacific - from cliff points. If you are lucky, you can even catch the glimpse of Whales in action!! And the brothers who started Lucia Lodge a few decades ago enroute on a cliff, are undoubtedly very business savvy.The small cabins are designed to give you a treat of the Pacific and the mountains along with a good spread for your stomach. The coffee tables on the deck, overlooking the ocean seem to be in perpetual demand. And to pep up you with perfect mood, you also have live concert - country music played by "Danny" - or that is the name I found on a poster on the lodge's walls.

The entire natural vistas however, reminded me of my earlier trips in similar desi locations - Ooty and Kanyakumari. Nature everywhere, no doubt is same all over the planet. What makes the difference perhaps is the rustic charm of Indian Vistas compared to the well manicured, tourist focussed ( or it appears so) Vistas of the US.