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30 November 2008

And Now....??

The post Mortem

A lot of finger pointing is happening post Mumbai attacks.

But one thing stands out to me. According to the chief of fishermen Association of Mumbai, for the past four months the terrorists have been smuggling RDX into the city via coastal routes. He says he has also warned about this in a letter to the deputy chief minister and other officials.

Obviously the coastal route is an easy entry point. May be now the attention will turn to plug the coastal areas. Attention also might turn to safe guard hotels henceforth. But what if the terrorists turn to other institutions - hospitals, temples, or any other institutions? how do we go about plugging or protecting each and every building or every structure? is it possible to stop the cancer by plugging the holes on the surface?

Isn't it time to address the malice somewhere at the roots? Indian media headlines scream about the identity of the attackers tracing to places across our border. The IP address of the computer from where the email originated is from a computer across the border. The cell phone picked up from an attacker belongs to a city across the border. The eyewitness accounts of the survivors clearly point to the attackers belonging to a specific region across the border. And every newspaper puts up on the front page that the arrested terrorist, Kesab has admitted that he is a member of LeT - and every news outlet says it with adjective "supported by ISI."

And yet the leaders from across the border keep asking for "evidence". And what I don't understand is why no one is countering them with these glaring evidences?

Karan Thapar in his Devil's Advocate Interview
with President Zardari asks all kinds of questions. When Zardari talks about his own tragedy a few months ago, one does sympathize with him. Yes. The terrorist menace is everywhere. But where is the breeding ground and how to snuff it out?

When Zardari mentioned about "evidence", why didn't Karan ask point blank about the "evidences" that the entire media scream about?


Blogger வல்லிசிம்ஹன் said...

you have touched the correct spot.
I am not much taken with Karan thapar's interview.
He is not Larry King. and he need not be so.
But he could have used all his questions more pointedly.

7:25 AM  
Blogger Aruna Srinivasan said...


Watch the current developments. Watching / reading the views from across the border - their unfazed responses really fox people like me. What kind of unblinking twists - "முழுப்பூசணிக்காய சோற்றிலே மறைக்கிற" / responses they give!!!

I think our media should be more forceful and follow up the leads relentlessly to pin down the politicians - on both sides of the border - to see the writing on the wall.

10:21 AM  

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