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24 April 2008

Grain Drain?

Update on Food Scenario -

A couple of days ago we had these headlines: "...The country’s total food grains production in the 2007-08 crop year is estimated at 227.32 million tonnes, about 10 million tonnes more than what was achieved the previous year..."

That was indeed a great news - sceptics have other views though!!

And today's headlines go like this: "Grain Pain". There seems to be a run on the food items on the world's supermarkets, resulting in stores opting to rationing !!! But India's projected bumper stocks descend as a saviour!! - or so goes the media projections.

Now, what we need here in India is a very efficient strategy - making sure that 1 billion plus people here are fed properly without shortage of food or not getting food because of soaring prices; at the same time make sure the bumper food production is skillfully channelised / utilised to reach the real needy at affordable price.

Above all, please, no repeat of food stocks rotting in FCI godowns, nor indiscriminate exports - while people here go hungry!


Blogger Capt. Anup Murthy said...

That's right, I agree with you, India need efficient strategy in managing and distributing food stocks. What it also needs is a corruption free babudom and less disagreeable politicians. A bit far fetched but it takes only one to shake the system.

8:11 PM  
Blogger Aruna Srinivasan said...

////What it also needs is a corruption free babudom ///

True, Anup. But as far as my personal experience and observations go, corruption at micro level among officials is coming down thanks to increasing public awareness. But on the higher levels, it is difficult to say the same. But thanks to govt. policies like Right to Information Act, and emphasis on transparency, etc, there are several visible changes on the administration system.

11:02 PM  

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