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The waves

As the Wind Blows

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

09 November 2004

This is my 100th Post ! If block busters of tinsel world celebrate the number 100 with pomp and show, why not blogs celebrate too ? :-) So waves marks the 100th post in its own style - spiritual piece borrowed from Robert Wicks, the spiritual columnist. - via "Citings" of Economic Times:

Spiritual Simplicity.

".......There is a beautifully rich sanskrit word, 'visvas', ( actually read it as viswaas - aruna) which is similar in meaning to the Englsih word faith. One translation is "to breathe easily, have trust, be free from fear." This describes quite well what we hope to experience at the heart of our spiritual life. Having a sense of freedom from brokenness, alienation, helplessness, anxiety, and feeling totally lost of adrift is a worthy, noble goal. We seek a place within, a vessel, for our passion and peace, where we can go to be renewed and steadied.

"A spiritual life is developed and deepened when we: Nourish a spiritual attitude underlying all of life which enables us to view everything - including our suferings and confusion - in a way that deepens us and makes life more meaningful; Design "a little rule" of prayer so we can find and nurture a refreshing, renewing place within to be intimate with the Divine; Learn how to share ourselves with others in a compassaionate way that mysteriously feeds and enlivens us..

In the process of preparing my comments, two hopes guided me. First, for others to develop in detail their own spiritual philosophy and practice, sometimes called, "a little rule". No one can give you exact directions. Each person's spiritual geography is unique. Second, since we often must face the reality of becoming unduly discouraged when we see a spiritual goal but have no guidelines for support, offering simple reflections semed a good way to encourage people to both begin and "stay the course"........"

04 November 2004

On US Elections 2004, this echos my opinion absolutely.