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The waves

As the Wind Blows

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

31 October 2004

Well Folks, I am back - on dot on 1st November, as I had promised.

So, what have I been up to? Well, writing Fiction. !!! Honestly. No jokes.

In fact when I did my course in journalism way back in 1972, I chose Fiction Writing as my specialization and when I began writing way back in 1987, my first out put was a couple of short stories in Tamil (published in popular Tamil weeklies at that time.) But somewhere along the way, I drifted so far – really too far from Fiction, that when I attempted to write, I felt I miserably failed in fiction writing.

Later on, it was my mother who prompted me to attempt writing fiction again. And it was to keep up that promise I gave her I wanted to write a novel. Ugh… but somehow I found myself always choosing the easier options – the journalistic output. But the desire for “story writing” was always burning inside, and two of my close friends fueled it further. After my mother, they took over the reins and started prodding me about my “Novel”.

Thus, I started earnestly two years ago. But, grrrr. Couldn’t bring myself to write anything beyond my usual filing of reports to magazines and newspapers.

At one point, I decided that I must concentrate more on my tryst with writing fiction and exclude all other activities till I set a momentum to my novel. So the first casualty was my blogging. I put a moratorium on myself of not going near the blogs for 3 months.

Now, occasional sneak peeps into the blogdom notwithstanding, I have successfully managed to put my novel writing on course. The momentum has set in; It is moving – albeit slowly.

I am sure I would be able to complete it in a few months from now. So, hold your breath, cross your fingers and just wait for the launch.

Meanwhile, The Waves is resumed – and the wind will continue to blow - as usual with intermittent breaks and pauses.