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16 August 2011

Anna Hazare

I Support Anna Hazare - unconditionally !!!

Updated after a few months: Well, not really now !!! Observing him over the past few months - his methods, his verbal wars, some irresponsible comments - have made me take back the above words.

I am also proud to say that till date I have never given any bribe to anyone - be it any utility government agency or any other arm of the Corporation, schools etc - I always get my job done in straight forward way abiding by all the rules. And never paid a bribe.

Corruption at any level - higher or lower level - should be quelled with force.

If the throngs of Indian supporting Anna across the globe, could take a oath - and abide by it - in similar vein that they will neither take or give bribe - however small - half our battle against corruption would be won!!!

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Anonymous Neha said...

what happend to you mr. anna, first check the corrupt people in your own group and then look at others. A mere law cannot eradicate corruption. corrruption is in peoples mind and heart. which law can remove corruption from peoples minds.

6:09 AM  

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