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Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

05 May 2003

Now for the Works with BSNL :-)

To cut down on my telephone bill as per BSNL's new tariff plans, I have been mounting the electricity bill - I mean burning the proverbial midnight oil - to work out a cost effective plan as per the new tariff package.

Well for the benefit of other telephone users I roughly culled the following information from the mumbo -jumbo of the Chart provided by BSNL on the newspapers. It also had a fine print that if we don't choose an option we would fall into General catagory. You can study this table of mine and find out what it means for you. :-)

Telephone charges as per BSNL’s new tariff plans. Note that as the usage increases, it is cost effective to choose a higher value plan.

Usage Per Month General Economy Special
1200 calls Rs.1654 Rs.1610 Rs.1410
1000 Calls Rs.1414 Rs.1370 Rs.1190
800 Calls Rs.1174 Rs.1130 Rs. 970
700 Calls Rs.1054 Rs.1010 Rs. 860
600 Calls Rs. 934 Rs. 890 Rs. 750
500 Calls Rs. 814 Rs. 770 Rs. 750
300 Calls Rs. 574 Rs. 530 Rs. 750
250 Calls Rs. 470 Rs. 450 Rs. 750
150 Calls Rs. 370 Rs. 350 Rs. 750


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