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The waves

As the Wind Blows

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

29 April 2003

hi ! a brief intro abt me.

The name is Aruna Srinivasan. Journalist; freelancer. The journo's evolution process spans over a period of 15 years pushing pen / typewrite keys / PC keyboard ( in that order) for several publications in mainstream print media in New Delhi and Singapore.

Areas of interest have nothing in common - Lifestyle, travel, development, womens issues, current affairs - and philosophy (oh,yes!), breakfast show series on All India radio on society, and now columnist in management topics (People: Handle With Care, HR column in Industrial Economist and "U Magazine"

And my writings have nothing to do with English literature either - my subject in college ( QMC in Chennai, - Yes the controversial College in the news:-) and SRC in Trichy.)

If you can't figure out who I am from the above info, let me start blogging in the first place. The "I" in me will unfold on its own as I keep blogging:-)

Now, don't complain for lack of links in my blog. Bear with me for a few days. I'm just learning the ropes:-)

btw, you can contact me at arunas at gmail fullstop com


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