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Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

30 April 2003

My piece on blogging for Economic Times (April 27) has made several bloggers to crib about lack of URLs in print media. Well I better put things in perspectiveJ

One, each medium has its own distinct format. The traditional print media essentially is meant for scores of readers who read the material with a “feel” – I mean those who are used to reading the physical hard copy of news and info.

Traditionally print media has always shied away from giving ad space in its editorial content. Naturally, giving URL is perceived as a free ad space for the site. URL is given only in such stories, which are seen as reader friendly – like any info tips - or exclusive column on web sites.

Whereas web media is very different. URL is the way the format is done. Links are integral part of web writing. In fact I found it amusing to read so many bloggers crib about lack of URLs. Because they are so much used to “links”, jumping form one site to another, they are not comfortable reading a piece without any “link” whatsoever. But ask any normal newspaper reader ( if he is curious to contact the persons mentioned in the article) about this, probably he would shrug and say, "well does it make a difference? Let me have the telephone numbers!!" In fact one reader from Meerut has asked for the telephone numbers of the bloggers to contact. He didn’t ask for even e-mail id – let alone URL !)

Well, you too Hindu?

Talking about ad space given to promos, I am reminded of a colloquium held in March in Chennai about the increasing trend of selling ad space in the name of news in the mainstream media. Times of India group came under heavy flak.

Now, those of you interested in Media - check out today’s (Hindu – 30th April) edition. I am surprised to see NDTV’s Iraq Poll getting top slot news space. I was looking for a fine print declaring it as advt. But, no. It was placed perfectly in the News space.

Well, you too Hindu? Or am I to wait for a follow up piece?


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