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The waves

As the Wind Blows

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

04 May 2003

Despite Chennai being a highly tech savvy city, getting a good broadband is uphill task.

I hv been looking for a broadband service provider in my area for quite sometime now, and it has not been easy. Broadband through cable should have been the easiest network, but strangely the cable operators in chennai have been that tech. accomadative as those in Bombay or delhi? I have been requesting my operator why not go in for cable internet - and he has been telling his Mulit System provider is not going in for one and so he can't. And whenn friends fom bombay ask you "why can't you ask yr cable operator for internet cable, ours gives us just for Rs. 500 pm?" I hv to sheepishly say say somehting which doesn't convince myself :-)

so, till I find a good broadband service, hmm... keep puting up with dial-up service - and to think of the latest BSNL tariff... net surfing going to be highly prohibitive :-) :-)


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