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The waves

As the Wind Blows

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

03 May 2003

Have you ever fumed about poor service rendered at banks? Well, let’s get a glimpse into the other side:-)

A banker friend, Uma Bhaskaran ( sorry, no links. she is yet to open a blog) shared with me an interesting experience. On a rainy, thunderstorm day recently (Oh! How did I miss it? when WAS that in this parched Chennai? :-) ) all telephone network connections in her branch collapsed due to a major breakdown in the concerned exchange. She narrated how, for two days at a stretch, she and her colloegues managed the entire banking activity through cell phone and through a extension counter located close by.

“Since CHENNAI was not used to raindrops for a long time, may be the transformer could not withstand.” She began jokingly, “ Cutomer one troops in and demands, ‘ I don’t how you will do Uma. I need my draft immediately. Your technical problems are not my problem.’ I began engaing him in conversation while my staff rushed to the nearby extension counter to get the DD for him. And then customer 2 walked in with a helpful suggestion ‘oh, telephone lines down? Why not have another service provider – these days you have them dime a dozen?’ I totally endorsed her suggestion and said I’m forwarding her excellent idea to our CO – (Why should I waste my energy and time explaining to her why we can’t actually switch over to another provider or have a stand –by provider?)

well, howz that ? :-)


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