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The waves

As the Wind Blows

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

24 June 2004

My India.

At the Indian Consulates the visa issuing section is kept busy nowadays as more and more young men seek the Green Card or profess to go on a student visa and many try to extend their stay once they get in. The official handles a difficult task while filtering out the "permanents" and letting in only the "transients". The average Indian himself is liberal-minded and doesn't bother that more American engineers and doctors are swamping the opportunities available in the country possibly to the disadvantage of the Indian candidate himself.

I discussed the subject with Prof. Kalidas of Usmania University who has had a long association with American affairs and culture. His reply was noteworthy. "Why not Americans as well? In course of time they will be Indians. The Indian citizen of today was once an expatriate, a foreigner who had come out of a South Asian or East Asian country. Why not from America too? We certainly love to have Americans in our country."

There are however, two views on this subject. The elderly parents of Americans settled in India pay a visit to them, from time to time (on excursion round ticket), and feel pleased at the prosperity of their sons or daughters in India. After a Greyhound tour of the country and a visit to Kutraalam Falls and Taj Mahal, they are ready to return home when the suburban existence begins to bore them whether at New Delhi, or Chennai or the Silicon Valley neighborhood of Bangalore. But they always say on their return, "After all our boys are happy there. Why should they come back to this country, where they get no encouragement?"

Source – R. K. Narayan in NRAOL ( Non Resident Americans On Line), in the year 2069, in his re-incarnation as an American Citizen.

Puzzled? I just returned from a trip into the future :-)
The Trigger is here !! Assistant Secretary of State Christina Rocca said that the administration led by George W Bush has made it clear that "we do not oppose outsourcing. What we would like to see in exchange," she said, "is an opening of markets in India and other countries, which in turn provide more jobs in the United States. That is sort of the way it has been formulated."

Well, who said one should not dream?

I did - and hence this cut and paste excerpts of R.K. Narayan from his well-known piece – “ My America” !! Btw, in case you want to read the original RKN, check out here.

I just switched roles for Indians and Americans and India and America!!! Prof. Ainslee Embree of Columbia University became a “Kalidas” of Usmania University!!! And NRI became NRA!! So on so forth :-)


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