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The waves

As the Wind Blows

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

07 June 2004

A conversation in Delhi: (imagination of course:-) )

" we want justice. we want equal rights too."

"it is no.. no... No reservation. no quota."

" no you must consider our plight! we want reservation. at least 30%."

" ok... baba.. ok.. We'll consider reservation in future as per populer sentiment."

what's it? women's reservation bill again?

Now, don't say...oh.. no.. not again. It is done to death.

For a change, it is " Men's resrvation."


At LSR,Delhi. now if you have lived in Delhi, you will know that LSR - Lady Shri Ram College is a college for women. And so far it has remained exclusively for women. Well, I said, so far. Because,

Breaking News in NDTV: Giving in to popular demand from men, LSR may consider admitting men into the college. "well if there are so many men out there who are keen to come and study here, we may consider their wish and allow 30 % reservation for men in our college." said the spokesperson of the college.

May be we'll have an echo here in Chennai ? - Queen Mary's to begin with ? :-)


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