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Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

27 May 2004

Well said, Hindu ! The leader in Hindu today advises the new government not to turn a Nelson’s eye to Bofors issue. Having expressed its delight in seeing a new government in place, the publication has taken the responsibility of reminding the call of duty. Though the Delhi High Court ruled last February absolving Rajiv Gandhi, the issue is not over yet – though much of the sting is gone. CBI is going ahead with its plans to appeal in Supreme Court.

What is significant in Hindu taking up the issue now is that, 14 years ago, it was Chithra Subramaniyam a correspondent of this publication who drew the country’s attention by breaking news about a deal. After the High Court ruling in February this year, which showed Rajiv Gandhi as a wronged man, the Asian Age story of Sten Lindstorm broke. Again there were accusations and counters. Mani Shankar Iyer, in response to all the inconvenient questions raised ( for the hundredth time??) by Lindstorm, he countered with his brand of answers. For all the code names mentioned in Lindstorm interview, Mr. Iyer had equal amount of alphabets thrown in his response. As the questions on involvement of “N”” “Q”, “A.E;” and other letters of the alphabets were discussed, the nation watched yet another volley of accusations and defense from all sides. Interestingly, one of the alphabets mentioned in the now famous / notorious diary of Martin Ardbo, stood in last election under a BJP ticket !

Hindu writes that the new government, by continuing the investigation till the guilty are pinned, would be going through an acid test to establish its “commitment to uprightness and the rule of law.”

True. Very true.

Meanwhile, for the benefit of some of the younger generation who would have been too young to follow when the story broke 14 years ago, here is a link that gives a bird’s eye view of the case.


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