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The waves

As the Wind Blows

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

11 May 2004

You are what you think you are – says Vincent Roazzi, millionaire and author of best seller “Spirituality of Success – Getting Rich with Integrity.”

So do I believe too - only, am just short of a few millions ! :-)

Nonetheless, I do believe that our lives are carved on the lines of our thoughts. And I stumbled upon one more interesting passage to day, which reinforced my faith in the power of thought.

Economic Times, in its daily capsule of “Citings” quotes this passage by the author.

OK: here is the quote:

“ Your ego is the source of all your pain. Periodically your ego may help you to achieve something because someone challenges your picture of yourself. Unfortunately, the achievement doesn’t last very long. It withers away and dies because it doesn’t have its roots in a firm foundation. Your ego is not reality and therefore, cannot sustain anything worthwhile for any length of time. Your ego is a block to your full potential. Whenever the ego is present, disappointment will surely follow.

Every action, every thought, every emotion could be likened to the planting of a seed. And every seed bears fruit, good or bad. Everything we do, everything we think, everything we feel matters, and has consequences. The consequences may not be readily apparent, but every seed bears fruit eventually. This knowledge should prompt us to redefine our behaviour, our thought patterns, and our beliefs, not only in regard to success, but also to life in general. Remember – negativity kills! Go where the path takes you. Get in the flow, and like the seed blown by the wind. It’ll take you where you need to be.

Along with the intention, you must have the belief. If the intention is the seed in sculpting your reality, then belief can be likened to the sun and the rain that nourish. The more the intention is nourished by belief, the greater it will manifest itself in reality. So what you have are varying degrees of success determined, ultimately, by you.”

If you want more on the book or the author, checkout this or just google around with his name.


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