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The waves

As the Wind Blows

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

26 March 2004

Continuing the topic on the previous post, I agree with the comments given by Ripples.

I think it happens everywhere. But my point is not against reservation for minorities per se. Sometimes the weaker sections of the societies need special attention - to correct a past imbalance and bring the society to a level playing field - like in the case of Sc/St reservations here in India. But aren't we stretching it a bit too far? at the cost of meritocracy? So, my point is where do we draw the line? and who decides the line? women - me being part of that segment - have indeed reached phenomenal heights and are on par with the other half of the human race.

Having said that I must also admit that women in certain segments of society still have a loooong way to go. If you can read Tamil, please read my Tamil blog on this.

On the one hand we are treating women with kid gloves in certain parts of the social map; and in certain other parts of the society women are still considered as underdogs and children of lesser gods !

Curious mind sets !!!


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