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Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

26 March 2004

Handshakes and Milkshakes ?? !! :-)

“ For such a momentous event it had a remarkably casual and at times banal feel to it….”

Guardian has this report – ( news link via The Hindu) – about the “casual Meeting between Libya’s CEO (???!!! :-) ) Colonel Qadhafi and Tony Blair. They are exchanging pleasantries – filler talks like “ You Look Young..” “ Oh, I have aged…” etc..etc..

Going through the entire conversation I was amused. Well, if only the world was full of such polite conversations!!! And coming from a person who was ruling high on terrorists charges only a few years ago the talks ringed too good to be true. But then you know and they know and everyone who read the report knows that things are not as simple as that and there is more to talk behind the curtains than in the drawing room.

Meanwhile the report reminded me of some of the jokes we – family and friends - used to share whenever we watch wives of dignitaries sharing the platform on major events along with their spouses as part of the ceremonial welcome / reception. When the heads of state discussed (presumably) affairs of state, what would the spouses be discussing?

For instance what was Mrs. Venkatraman (remember the wife of a former President of India ?) discussing with the First Lady of USA / Britain/ and so on. About weather? About recipes? About husbands? ( well, why not?) when their heads bents towards each other what was that engrossed conversation? We used to have real fun in our fancy dialogues. But what took the cake was our imagination about what would have been the kind of conversation, when the spouses of heads of state from the opposite sex met!! Like for instance what would have been the kind of conversation between Mr. Margaret Thatcher ( If there can be Mrs. Clinton, why not Mr. Margaret? ) and Mrs. Venkatraman ?? !!


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