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The waves

As the Wind Blows

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

22 May 2004

Interestingly, cricket lingo seems perfect, to describe the current political developments in India. I came across at least two such analogies – one in on a group blog, “Dialog Now” –
“One of the most remarkable televeision cricketing moments for me was in 1997 when Rajesh Chauhan hit a towering six off Saqlain during the last few balls of the one dayer at Karachi.
The six itself is not what made it remarkable, but the crowd reaction. The Karach crowd which was crying itself hoarse with joy at the prospect was stunned into silence as they realised that the match was lost. You could hear a pin drop.

The reaction of the BJP to the events in the last couple of days has been somewhat similar. The woman they have been calling a political novice has just pulled a fast one on them. I am sure that the BJP leaders would gladly trade this feeling for a kick in the solar plexus, were that possible.”

And another in Hindu Ed: “……In fact, the Manmohan Singh Government would do well to launch its innings, Sehwag-like, on a high democratic note……..”

I am not an avid cricket fan. But I enjoyed the parallels.

So, Dr. Manmohan Singh has won the toss and has started his innings with 67 ministers taking oath today. Let’s us wish the team good luck. Btw, it would be fun if some one could post interesting counterpoints / comments here, in the same cricket lingo ! any takers?


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