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As the Wind Blows

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

10 June 2003

Secret of Energy - (No. Not boost; nor Horlicks either :-)

Hillary Clinton is back in the news. What else? She is out with her much-awaited memoirs of her white house days. Forget the book, “Living History” and all the dust it is going to kick off – or has already kicked off – But what interested me in the news item was her flawless face radiating some inherent energy. What exactly is the secret of such radiance – after all that she went through in her personal life? The photo by AFP should be circulated for motivational seminars – Motivational speakers can make a note :-) unfortunately the hinduonline is not providing the photos on its news stories. I would have loved to give a link to this photo. Anyway, just checkout the story. Unfortunately she declares that she nurtures no presidential ambitions. Hillary as president would have been good for India.


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