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Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

24 May 2003

Edu Loans

I always repose great faith in today’s younger generations’ sense of honesty and straightforwardness. My faith was reinforced once again this week. In an interesting conversation during a wedding in the family ( that, incidently, explains the break in my blogging :-) ) a bank official informed that big fishes in the business may contribute for the burgeoning NPA ( Non performing Assets). But there was one area where there is absolutely no default and loans get repaid promptly as per schedule. “ An increasing number of students avail educational loans from our banks for their studies abroad. And what is heartening is that they start the repayment the moment they land a job.” Well, don’t you think India has a promising future if we go by this standard of integrity? – I mean - provided these guys choose to come back and work here !!!

Another journo site.

Meanwhile, it is interesting to note that more Indian journos are launching individual websites and blogs. Latest to join the bandwagon is Sucheta Dalal. Checkout her site.


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