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The waves

As the Wind Blows

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

12 May 2003

In those days you know... :-)

I guess suddenly I’m caught up in a nostalgic wave. There is this cousin of mine whose passion for old songs seems to have hit him again with a bang, and he is happily digging for yahoo groups for all Hindi old numbers. Exchanging notes with other collectors. He also has a theory about why most Bombay Tamils enjoy old Tamil songs. “When we migrate to new place, we tend to preserve the old memories left behind in our native places. Most Bombay Tamils left their native TN in the forties and fifties. Naturally the songs of that period are etched immortally in their memories.”

Actually, it is true for any diaspora living anywhere. Not only old songs, even the lifestyle and everything that belongs to certain period often stay frozen in their memories. I have witnessed this during my 4 years of living in Singapore.

Another nostalgic bout was from a friend who said she misses her college days. And those small chit- chat we used to have before the assembly ( topics invariably hovered on the cinema songs played on the morning “vividhbharathi” ) “hey, - did -you – hear – that - this –or- that” kind of talk.

Now that the radio is back with a thunder (or should I say, melody?) I don’t know if such conversations are back on the college campus.

Not only songs. Another friend misses her neighbourhood postman, and the reems of letters ( remember that blue envelope which is almost extinct now? ) we used to exchange. “Oh, post office was temple to us, the postman god and his cycle bell was the most melodious music to our ears.” Well, Time has its own way of touching us.


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