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Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

28 May 2003

Sense of bonding?

Have you ever wondered what makes us Indians unique as workforce? I think it is the way we stick to our sense of loyalty to an employer. We take time to take to new things, but once we decide we “belong”, we can go out of the way to support “our” people. Well, how else do you explain a case of an old maid who fell very sick – but didn’t want to quit the household because she has been part of it for years? Not having the heart to leave the household in lurch looking for a new maid etc..etc… this lady alternatively decided that she will hand over the baton to her daughter who actually is not jobless either. This daughter was working in a garment unit for Rs.1000 bucks and when her mother requested her to quit that job and work in the household for Rs.600, this daughter complied the request without a murmur. I am still working at the cost - benefit ratio. These women under discussion don’t seem to give a damn to such analysis though!! :-) or am i missing somehting here? :-)

let me go back to the starting line - looking at the high employee turn over, I guess I can't generalise this trait to the entire lot of us. Yet I have often witnessed such great dispaly of loyalty among the older generation of employees in many firms. now, how far the loyalty to an employer really matter?


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