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The waves

As the Wind Blows

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

17 September 2003

OK. the big game has ended. I mean the WTO meet. I had a call from Singapore radio this morning asking my opinion about the outcome. Developed countries see it as Failure and the developing / poor countries see it as success. success or failure, it is all mere terminology in my opinion. I think you can't conclude it in such black and white terms. because the process is an ongoing one, going beyond ministerial meets. May not be able to meet Doha round talks deadline of early 2005, but I am optimistic that a common ground will be met in the following talks - albeit "in camara". meanwhile, if you are in Singapore and interested in listening to my sound bytes, please tune into oli 96.8 at 7.45pm tonight Singapore time. or repeat broadcast at 7.45am tomorrow on 18th, again singapore time. or else, log in to Oli at 96.8 live radio. and give me feedback.

btw, what's your opinion? How do you view the WTO meet outcome? please, do post it in shout out.


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