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The waves

As the Wind Blows

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

24 August 2003

Nature's Grand Opera

Have you ever experienced the feeling behind the cliché` “ Light at the end of tunnel”?
If not, take a trip down Konkan Railway. From Mumbai to Mangalore or Trivandrum. When you cross each of the 92 tunnels on the famous Konkan railway track, you will realize the literal meaning of this cliché`.

At least I did. As for the beauuuutiful route, I have just one word to describe the breathtaking scenes enroute. Absolutely mind boggling”. – I can go on and on adding all kinds of superlatives to describe the picturesque scenery – complete with all kinds of greens and colours, waterfalls and brooks and forests. As the train – We took Netravati Express from Mumbai - winds through the curves and valleys, you start waiting for the next scene – in the Nature’s grand Opera. Sure, She doesn’t fail you – You are taken on a spectacular tour, full of surprises of Natural bounties.

Konkan Railways is a public sector undertaking. The administration is different from Indian Railways. So the TTE sports different uniform - a navy blue trousers and a paler blue shirt like an airline uniform. The name boards in stations are in blue too. The KR logo beams down at you everywhere. And the drinking water cooler at Rathnagiri station has a sticker telling you that the water served is “U.V. Treated Bacteria Free water”. ( No. The cola bottles don’t wear a label saying they are pesticide free.:-) )

And an important feature I noticed on the Konkan stations is that most of them have convenient ramps along with the traditional stairs to access the platforms. Surely the organization is more “disabled friendly.” ( hmm… who would know better than my aching knees ? :-) )

For more info on Konkan railway and its historical perspectives, log on to this. And if you are comfortable in Tamil, please do check out another version of this trip in my Tamil blog and for pix - please check out my fotolog. btw, anyone can suggest a free photo log site - which doesn't restrict me to upload only one photo per day? !!


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