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The waves

As the Wind Blows

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

31 July 2003

Some of the Phrases I noticed Recently in Public Places: ( Henceforth abbrv. SPIR would be used in my future posts.)

Some bring a smile and some make you think.

At Central station Railway platform I was startled to see this LIC ad banner above my head.

“ Beware of pickpockets; take care of your belongings;”

“We Know India Better.”

While I walked further, confused at the audacity of this ad, which so publicly admitted about “Knowing India Better” for all the bad things – and that too by a public sector agency, I noticed that LIC had put out a whole series of similar sounding banners at every few meters. The phrases in the center of the banner were changing – all the promos about the agency.

But at the bottom of each one of them, the anchor slogan – “We know India Better.” Oophs.. I have read the first slogan in isolation and hence the shocking interpretation of the message.

Nevertheless, if I thought that the slogan ringed truth, I am not wrong. Am I? :-)

And then there was this railway compartment with bold letters. “For Disabled Only”.

I was happy. Look how thoughtful our railways department is. I need not have handed out the medal so hastily. As I walked further, I noticed that the compartment didn’t have even a ramp. How do they expect the physically challenged passengers traveling with their wheel chairs would climb on to the compartment? So, what distinguishes this compartment from the rest is only the bold sign “ For Disabled Only”?

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