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The waves

As the Wind Blows

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

26 June 2003

Exclusively exclusive!!!

The magic word in the media. But sometimes it is being used sooooo indiscriminately that you start looking for the dictionary. Considering the importance China enjoys in India’s political and economic perspectives, one can understand the heavy-duty press entourage accompanying the PM. But I couldn’t understand why some TV channels are vying with each other to project an interview with Yashwant Sinha as “Exclusive”! (I can perhaps forgive if the interviewee was China’s president or for that matter our own PM himself). What is exclusive about a routine one - on - one interview with our own cabinet minister, by a press member from the same entourage?
It is when I saw both BBC and NDTV telecast their respective interviews under the “Exclusive” slug, that I started looking for the dictionary. Competition at the satellite "waves" (no pun intended please :-)) seems to be getting hotter by the hour!!


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