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The waves

As the Wind Blows

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

23 June 2003

Bodhi Tree Speaks! ( Of course Gauthama Budha has the copy right for the Tree.. But we ordinary folks can have our own trees too, right? :-)

“Fame is very odd and very isolating experience…. I never wanted it and never expected it and certainly did not work for it……. This came to me through doing the thing that I love doing most….”

So said… who else ? – Rowling of Harry Potter fame.

But in those few words Rowling has summarized the essence of Bhagavd Gita - ok for that matter if you dig all scriptures, you will something on these lines - When she set out to write stories, she didn’t have any great ideals to serve the cause of children. Nor did she aim to acquire money, ( richer than Queen of England??) fame, etc..etc..
As she puts it simply, she just enjoyed weaving her story. That’s all. What followed were by products, she didn’t expect. And that precisely is how life goes on. “Do your duty, but don’t expect the fruit.”

In my perception the “doing your duty” part translates into doing something that you enjoy and love doing. You are not working towards any destination. As you travel through your dreams and fantasies, the destinations keep arriving at you. If you have closely followed the biographies of many celebrities, you will find them talking as Rowling does. Bill Gates didn’t set out to be the richest human being – but computing triggered his imagination and sense of exploration. Music is a way of life for MS Subhulakshmi. She didn’t aspire to become the queen of Karnatic music. Becoming the President of world’s largest democracy was not Abdul Kalam’s goal when he set out to pursue his dreams from the quite shores of Rameswaram.

That, then, is life. Is it?

I write /sing / dance/ paint/ talk ___, ___, ____, ….fill up the blanks as per your choice - because I / you enjoy doing it. The rest happens on its own. If you get money, recogntition, fame, boquates, brick bats, - they all are by products.

You do because you have this urge within you, the thirst within you to explore the unknown / or to portray the known in whichever medium you feel comfortable.


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