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17 August 2003

Happiness Indicator.

A country's economic growth is evaluated by GDP. Fine. But how do you know they are happy too? so a few years back the guys in the developed world started evaluating the "Happiness" index too :-) and in the first such evaluation in 1998, you know who topped the list of countries in Happiness Indicator? No, not the US of A, nor the Scandinavian countries. It is our own small nation in our neighbourhood. Bangladesh!! And India came close too. So, the research proved that there is no co-relation between wealth and happiness!! ( Now, don't tell me that we knew it long ago. .. even from the Vedic Period:-)
Now here is the latest from the research. Shankar had sent a link from economist which made interesting reading. I was really amused to read about how "Pleasure at your own pay rise can vanish when you learn that a colleague has been given a much bigger one."

Human mind, I tell you, is strange indeed :-)


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