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The waves

As the Wind Blows

Location: Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

05 December 2003

It is elementary Dr. Watson. It is the economy after all…

If there is one thing I’m happy about the recent assembly election results, it is that once again – yes once again; because notwithstanding the politicians hope to take them for a ride on all sorts of never-to-be fulfilled promises, voters in Indian democracy are still clever. Their verdict often has been – ‘deliver or quit’. – occasionallay they may give a second chance or go on sympathy wave – but by and large the voters message has been based on proof of performance. I’m particularly happy about Sheila Dixit coming back in Delhi. No; I don’t have any party based opinion. My opinion is based on the individuals as I understand them from media reports. In Sheila’s case my opinions are based also on my meetings with her on a couple of occasions – one for an interview and the other, watching her in a social gathering. I like her more as an efficient and smart individual. An absolute no-nonsense person but she also has a heart. Quite tech savvy and makes an effort to understand the concerns of the opponents/critics. Above all what amazes me is her enthusiasm. At 63 plus, ( hee..hee.. the fact that she is also an Arien is immaterial here ;- ) )she is full of life and enthu. Be it her brisk walks or enjoying life including watching a movie in theatre along with close friends – she is game; and has a very positve approach to life. And I’ve similar admirations for her party’s rival Atalji. Another very positive person – nothwithstanding his pause punctuated speeches and slow movements. I’m sure BJP won its massive mandate in three states absolutely for the charm Atalji holds and of course the other main reason is the performance of the NDA on the national front. Economy can’t be better – forex kitty is swelling, and almost all other economic indices forecast a good growth – close to 7 percent they say ? ! ? ! – generally the electorate has no major reason to complain on the national front. Perhaps the sentiment reflected on the state level. On the contrary, Dig Vijay Singh of MP, was applauded for reforms in education and other areas last time. But this time, they say people in MP are unhappy that he didn’t build roads and provide power. So they pulled him out of power. Whichever way you see it, the message is clear; Deliver or Quit. So, the so called anti -incumbancy factor actually doesn’t hold water ? may be we should watch over some more election results before writing the epilogue of anti-incumbancy factor ;- )


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